We dreamt about the future of urban transportation, and here is ECOS.

ECOS is an electrically assisted quadcycle, an ultra lightweight vehicle half way between automotive and cycle’s universes, combining the best of both worlds.

Powered by a 250W mid motor, it fulfills the EPAC regulations, and therefore enters the cycles’ family, making it a versatile commuting companion.

Its elegant and outsanding design will not only carry you with style, but also safely bring you wherever you want, keeping you away from weather drawbacks and traffic hazards, thanks to its safety shell.

ECOS tries, in its own way, to answer today’s challenges and needs in terms of urban transportation: small footprint and high flexibility. Visit our page “About The Project” to learn more about the project’s background and ambitions.

We don’t pretend to make a revolution, only be part of the constant evolution.

οἶκος [oÏkos]

ECOS is derived from oïkos, an ancient greek word that originally means “house”. At a large scale, we can consider Mother Earth as our common house.
How about taking care of it all together?

That’s what we try to achieve, at our level, promoting sustainable mobility with ECOS project.